Wealth Management 2.0

(RIA's, Planners and Family Offices)


It is our opinion money migrates to where it is treated best.  The last decade saw a large transfer of #maneuverable money from conflicted broker dealer commission based models to fee based wealth management and planning firms.  Registered Investment Advisors (RIA's), Certified Financial Planners (CFP's), family offices and other more "friendly" models have accumulated $trillions in assets.  But success and the tail winds of a seven year bull market, coupled with complacency, can be a lethal combination and it is our opinion that another large wealth transfer is now taking place not only to next generations, but from outdated models that do not embrace change to RIA's, planners and family offices that embrace next generation technology and product.

Clients and family office members will still want the human touch (sorry robo advisors) but expect much more.  Decision tools that help provide more informed decisions, add value and save time plus non-conflict and lower fee based product solutions will be a magnet for the next wealth transfer.  Topping Capital sits today at the intersection of revolutionary new wealth management tools and product solutions and a network from being in the money business for over three decades.  Our #freeform #unconstrained investment model allows us to identify tools and products for advisors, planners and family offices.  How sticky are your assets? We can help you defend and grow your business!

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