Freeform Hybrid Fund



  • The freeform hybrid model aims to capture return independent of economic and market outcome
  • We think a portfolio of niche hedge fund strategies coupled with investments in privately held emerging stage growth companies provides the best of both worlds. A more "liquid" fund than a traditional vc fund, two separate asset baskets that have low correlation to each other, and the ability to harvest and redeploy capital on exit events
  • Our opinion is the "sweet spot" of opportunity is in private valuations of $2M to $12M (direct) and managers (funds) of $25M to $125M


The Freeform Model presents a greater opportunity basket, reduces risk and allows for compounding potential with a three basket approach

  • Investment in Emerging Manager Strategies
  • Private Market Income Stream (with equity rights)
  • Concentrated Public Equity and Lean Start-Up Venture Capital