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(December 2015)

We are a believer in freeform and unconstrained investing that is totally opportunistic and unbiased to the greatest opportunity. We are not only a differentiated business model that embraces both public and private market opportunities but leverages its affiliations and strategic partners to create significant deal flow and pricing leverage.

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Chicago Flyover & Pricing Inefficiency

Topping Capital looks for pricing inefficiency in public and private markets. We feel failure rate risk in emerging stage growth companies (venture capital) is overstated if filtered for a number of quantitative and qualitative variables. Our belief is away from the coasts there are many emerging growth companies well beyond idea/concept and project/product phase and at an "inflection point" where a cheaper cost of labor, better valuation and small amounts of capital (so as to not magnify early mistakes, pivots and "figuring it out") is a significant advantage. We think those three attributes largely contributed to Chicago companies resulting in the highest VC returns of any startup hub in the United States.

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“Topping capital is an important partner for MightyNest. They have provided thoughtful feedback on everything from company strategy to fundraising insight and they backed up their guidance with investment. They always make time to meet and provide direct, constructive, helpful feedback on our vision, progress and plans growing the business.”

Chris Conn, Founder and CEO, MightyNest

“We have had a tremendous partnership with Topping Capital. Throughout their relationship with Cumulus, Topping Capital has been an advisor and partner across myriad aspects of our corporate growth, ranging from fundraising to asset pricing and structuring. With a great balance of rigor and creativity, Topping Capital was one of the first investors willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work necessary to understand an innovative but nuanced financial product.”

Nathan Popkins, Founder, Hello Align

“As an early stage company, Resonance Medical has consistently relied on the experienced team at Topping Capital for resources and guidance to grow. They have been steadfast in providing our team with timely capital injections needed to advance our product development and sales activities. Beyond funds, Topping Capital has provided Resonance with an “open door policy” for feedback on strategy formulation and fundraising efforts. That feedback has been a major factor in fueling our growth and enabling us to innovate.”

Venture Raising Chicago Resonance Medical
Chris Heddon, Founding CEO, Resonance Medical

“Topping Capital means a lot more to me than just capital, it’s a network of trusted advisors who add tangible valuable to my business. Rob and his partners have significant experience on most any matter I need advice on, and they’re never more than a call away which is a big deal to a growing company that encounters new challenges and opportunities on a daily basis. Whether it’s strategy advice or technology advice from respective team members or the wealth of knowledge Rob brings, I can always count on Topping Capital.”

Matthew Chapdelaine, CEO, CartoFront

“Topping Capital has been a valued advisor and investor (their fund) to Alpha Pages. Given their years of experience in public markets, hedge funds and activity in venture capital, they have provided great insight and introductions that have added value into the evolution, marketing and sales of our core companies and product (Modern Trader and FinAlt).”

Venture Raising Alpha Pages
eff Joseph Chief Editor and CEO The Alpha Pages (Modern Trader and FINAlternatives)

“Topping Capital has been a close partner of ours across several investments, including Green Security, Orrex Medical and other affiliated portfolio companies. Regardless of the size of the finance need, Topping Capital has enabled us in many situations to provide the necessary critical capital to accelerate business growth and bring these companies forward to where they created jobs and became financially sound.”

Rick Ferreira and Tim Einwechter (Partners) Alliance Healthcare Partners J

“Over the course of our relationship, Topping Capital has grown to be a trusted partner and a deep resource of sage insight and wisdom which has proven invaluable in our endeavors. Moreover, what makes Topping Capital so special is their ability and commitment to add value not just at a high strategic level but at the ground level in operating the business. We can earnestly say that this partnership has made a material, positive difference in how we have grown the firm.”

Chris Romano, Director, ETF Global



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Topping Capital prides itself on finding solutions - solutions for both management teams and investors that are a win-win. Some examples of our solutions and pathway to unique and sometimes exclusive investment opportunities.

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